Julie True Soaking Music

Entire Soaking CD Collection (2019)

Audio CD Bundle - $155.76


Add Julie's complete catalog of full-length soaking CDs to your collection at an unbeatable price with the Entire Soaking CD Collection. This bundle contains over 13 hours of anointed, live soaking worship music.

Includes the following Audio CDs:

  • Live Light: Live Soaking Worship Music (2017)
  • Strength of My Life: Live Soaking Worship Music (2016)
  • Stir Up the Love: Live Soaking Worship Music (2015) 
  • I Belong to You: Live Soaking Worship Music (2014)
  • I Release: Live Soaking Worship Music (2013)
  • Let My Life Be Worship: Live Soaking Worship Music - A Compilation (2013)
  • Find Rest: Live Soaking Worship Music (2012)
  • Spirit to Spirit (2011)
  • Heaven's Embrace (2010)
  • Sounds of Healing (2009)
  • Breathe You In (2009)
  • Healing Love (2007)

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